Introducing Billy Youngblood and The Smokin Gorillas, from Indiana with Love

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Introducing Billy Youngblood and The Smokin’ Gorillas, from Indiana with Love.

“It’s very good songwriting, lyrically and musically. “No Romeo” is the song that was released in Europe last year through an European distribution deal, and later released in the USA through a deal with Viacom Media (MTV). This song is different. I love the lead guitar work Billy does. Sounds excellent. It’s hard to describe the music in this song. It’s jazzy, funky, energetic and original. Santana meets Eric Johnson! Clean guitars, jazzy leads, and funky clean rthythms, this song has it all. Heck, it even has a South American feel about it a little. The sound quality of the recording is good. I’m not even sure what category of music this would be in! It’s rock, but a different sort of rock.”
– Eddy Metal, Louisville Music News From The Pit (Jan 06, 2014)

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Billy Youngblood Releases Announcement for Talent Search


­The New V.I.P. to Host Surprise Talent Search Event

Breakthrough Artist in Fort Wayne, IN Gives Back Record Deal to Help Bring Winning Midwest Talent Search Saturday May 4 2013.

Billy Youngblood and The Smokin’ Gorillas will host an all-star lineup at The New V.I.P. Lounge, located at 2701 West Jefferson Blvd. in Fort Wayne, IN this Saturday May 4th. The live taping of the showcase is scheduled to begin by 10 P.M. and is expected to be aired on Access Fort Wayne and later shared on YouTube and other social networks as an audition for a talent search and scout review as part of the Roaring Records Concert Series.
Four area artists or performance acts will be selected to represent North East Indiana and be featured on an exclusive, Tri-state area, National recording project expected to be released and distributed late 2013. “I work with so many amazing and talented artists in this part of the country.” said Youngblood. “I am excited to see this opportunity growing into a community artist development project.” Youngblood added. “Fort Wayne has been under the radar far too long so this is a real chance for some of the area’s hardest working artists to be recognized for their efforts.”
Artists and Bands scheduled to perform as part of the all-star lineup include “Billy Youngblood and The Smokin’ Gorillas,” “The Mo Show,” featuring Maurice Turner of “Sum Morz,” “The Snyders,””Tony King,” “Filthy Rags” and many more.

Do you have what it takes? Come on and show off what you’ve got. Saturday’s event is musician friendly, free and is open to anyone 21 and up. If you would like to perform as part of the talent search please arrive and register before 10 P.M.

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